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Utah Meth Lab Cleanup CompanyA certified, full service clandestine drug lab testing and remediation company.

About Our CompanyOur objectives and credentials are clear and measurable ....


Meth Lab Cleanup Company provides creative and efficient testing and decontamination services resulting in cost-effective solutions for clandestine drug lab remediation issues.

After almost a decade of service, Meth Lab Cleanup Company has a thorough understanding of this industry. Our work ethic demands quality assurance and requires us to surpass all regulatory compliance. Given our experience, we can offer proven solutions to the end goal: "fit for use" properties. Meth Lab Cleanup Company is a family owned business, built on strong values.

Utah Meth Lab Cleanup is committed to testing and perfecting technologies that improve efficiency, safety and the quality of our services. MLCC is a certified green company; utilizing earth friendly detergents and processes.

All Utah Meth Lab Cleanup technicians are clandestine drug lab decontamination and OSHA HAZWOPER certified. MLCC is licensed in every state we offer services; we are also fully insured and bonded. MLCC's third -party analytical laboratory is the best, completely independent firm available providing illicit drug analysis.

Recently, the past performance evaluation relied upon by the US government rated Meth Lab Cleanup Company with an overall performance rate of 94%. Meth Lab Cleanup’s clan lab decontamination course is recognized in all states requiring contractor certification.


Cooking methamphetamine

(meth), results in the release of ingredient chemicals, the precursor drugs (pseudoephedrine or ephedrine), meth in vapor and particle form and other largely unknown byproducts regardless of the cooking method used. Airborne contaminants are absorbed into soft materials including rugs, furniture, drapes, walls and other surfaces and may also contaminate the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system of the structure. *(2011 KY EEC)


Chemicals may enter

the body by inhalation, ingestion, injection (by a contaminated needle or accidental skin prick) or absorbed by the skin. Both acute (short term) and chronic (long term) health hazards result from the manufacturing of meth. Acute exposure hazards come from direct contact with or inhalation of the meth product or wastes. Burns, tissue irritation and rashes may result from chemical spills and skin contact. Headaches, dizziness, nausea and other health effects may result from inhalation of vapors.* (2011 KY EEC)

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quote  Meth Lab Cleanup Company does justice to its name.  Their expertise and curteous service make them the company of choice. "

by: Mark  D., property owner


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